All You Need to Know About Email Spamming

idont like spamIn the world of online marketing, use of email is one of the most prominent ones. Email marketing is being widely used these days. After all, it allows the marketers to connect with their target audience in a quick and cost effective way. This is the reason why a lot of companies these days are spending money on bulk email sending software. Nevertheless, it is also essential to keep in mind that email filtering system has become smarter as well. Be it Gmail, Yahoo or any other reputed mailing system, the filters are capable enough to keep away the marketing based emails. Without any doubt, you would never want your marketing mails to land up in the spam folder. So, how to make sure that your marketing mails end up in the inbox? Let’s learn more about email spam.

What is Email Spamming Anyway?

When you shoot marketing or promotional mails to email users you do not know, or they never contacted you, then it is termed as spamming. Once you get the permission to send mails containing ads, promotional offers, etc. you can send as much as emails you want. In this permission based advertisement, you also need to provide the option of “unsubscribe” to the users. However, emails that do not incorporate this feature are often categorized as spam by the filtering system. So, if you don’t want your marketing based emails to end up in the spam folder, then send emails to only those who wish to receive promotional offers; and, provide them the option of unsubscribe.

As a matter of fact, the bulk mailing software generates the list of email ids through the thousands of web pages. So, it does not bother if the email ids are ones that grant permission to send marketing mails or not. For this reason, it is better to purchase a valid database from the reputed companies. A valid database of email ids will improve the efficiency of your email marketing campaign. In addition, it will also shoot up the amount online traffic to your website.

What Spammers Do?

Use of proxy servers is quite common among the spammers. It is quite obvious that they do illegal stuffs. Even the web hosting company that once provided them hosting services may shut down their account. For this reason, the spammers make use of low quality hosting services, which are usually free. They send emails through a proxy server, which makes it difficult for the web experts to trace the origin of the email. Nevertheless, sometimes the spammers do get caught and they end up paying significant amount of money as a fine.

For this reason, even if your intentions are good and clear, make sure you play by the rules. Even if the right way takes a little more time, but do not get lured by the shortcut way. Email spam is never a good way to get more traffic in the world of internet. So, choose your email database carefully and follow the rules.